THE FANDOM MUST FLOW, resistance is futile...


The Fandom Must Flow, Resistance is Futile


Imagine a destination where you are immediately transported to a time and place where you experienced Star Wars for the first time. A place where upon entry, you are greeted by your favorite movie character, within a world which you have only seen on a screen and in your imagination. The Fandom Hotel is bringing such an experience to the forefront of our lives through the creation of a fully immersive and interactive boutique hotel. It is a fantasy full of imaginary worlds brought to life for all fans of pop culture.

MFB Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebrati


A contraction of the word FAN and the suffix -DOM (as in kingdom). It's a term that refers to fan culture characterized by a sense of camaraderie with others. That's why at Fandom Hotel, there are no strangers -- only friends meeting for the first time.

The Fandom Hotel is a hub for cosplayers, a platform to experience the plethora of the Fandom worlds. 



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First opened in 2015, the Millennium Fandom Bar will move in and be located on the second floor, which can be used as a ballroom too, the Fandom Bar embraces every Fandom’s desired themed aesthetic and ambiance. This opulent bar and club-in-the-night is a pop culture fantasy brought to life by painstakingly accurate attention to details in themed décor, with costumers dressing-up, and staff in cosplay characters.

The bar stays so close to the theme that it requires every associate to remain in character at all times to keep the theatrical experience alive. Drinks are themed accordingly for those really in the mood for a transportive experience.

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The Cantina of the Stars is an intergalactic 24 hour bar and restaurant hidden away from the world deep, within halls of the Fandom Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This fully themed dining experience was inspired by the best drinking and dining establishments from your favorite sci-fi, adventure and fantasy movies. Cantina of the Stars is the authentic geek and nerd diner you’ve been looking for.

Costumed and in character, bartenders and hosts join in the fray while mixing cocktails and graciously serving guests from a themed menu created by a master chef from a galaxy far away. Our all-inclusive, inviting atmosphere provides a food & drink destination not just for casual and hardcore fans alike, but for anyone looking for a change of scenery and atmosphere from the prototypical bar & restaurant scene. Whether you are alone and in search of your tribe, or simply wanting a delicious meal amongst fellow geeks and nerds, you’ll feel at home!

As with our entire Fandom Hotel, the establishment is fully themed and designed to immerse our customers into another world which is devoid of any link to the outside world.

(No sports, newspapers, ads, or anything not within our contained Fandom universe)

Vegetarian Food
Wedding Dance

Meeting & events

Comic Conventions, corporate events, conventions, private parties, fandom weddings and more.

Fandom Ballroom

Large-scale entertaining made accessible to the pop culture community. Enjoy 10,000 square feet of customized space capable of facilitating theatre-style gatherings of more than 1,000 or banquets in rounds of 10 seating up to 650. More options abound with capabilities to provide portioned breakout rooms within the themed Fandom Ballroom.


Gallery of Pop Culture Rooms

This unique collection of theatrically themed meeting spaces pay homage to some of the world's most beloved pop culture icons. Modern accompaniments such as custom lighting, a projection system, drop-down theater/projection screens, an electronic power panel, and the latest in audiovisual equipment are available for your convenience and unique entertainment options.

Looking at Paintings


A themed hotel features a specific motif that is present throughout all aspects of the establishment including décor, dining, and personnel. This themed hotel is being marketed to a certain group of people in which all elements reflects the purpose of the space to help ensure visitors enjoy their stay and want to come again. A trip to this specialty location such as this, may cost slightly more than a standard facility, but the owner views the business as a way for people to invest in a better quality and more enjoyable visit.

The Fandom Hotel’s suites are being designed to provide guests with an authentic, fantasy-infused theme immersion into their favorite Fandom.

Glass Buildings
Kid Jump

Costume Rental

We offer a superior quality of theatrical grade costumes and our robust inventory of clean and high quality costumes provide our patrons with the opportunity to cosplay as their favorite “Fandom” icon.

Our costume rentals, with the largest inventory of pop culture costumes in the area, enable you to choose from a wide variety of outfits that will be a perfect match to immerse yourself into the fantasy of our Fandom Events and Parties. Renting a costume from us allows you to find the perfect costume at a reasonable price under the same roof of the Fandom Hotel which has regularly scheduled themed events.


Whether you need costumes for your entire group or family, or for yourself, you will find the selection, service, variety and quality to be unmatched. The Fandom Costume Rentals will remove all the stress from you and find you the perfect costume.


Cosplay Salon

Tucked within the Fandom Hotel’s Costume Rental Store, guests shall be able to be transformed into their ideal cosplayer from head to toe. The Salon offers theatrical grade special effects services to transform a non-suspecting fellow into "He Who Must Not Be Named" himself! The services offered include hair, make-up, and body special effects transformation.

Additional Revenues and Services the Fandom Hotel will be offering:


Coffee Shop and Smoothies

Drive-in Theater

Retail Shop (Brick and Mortar and Online)


Meet The Team

Alex Pusineri

Alex Pusineri is the founder and CEO of Fandom Hotel Inc. He has a lifetime experience building and managing businesses as a proven and successful entrepreneur. Mr. Pusineri has built one of his dream, as the founder and owner of the very first Fandom Bar in the World, The Millennium Fandom Bar, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This establishment is dedicated to all things pop-culture with an emphasis on Cosplay and event driven experiences. Alex created the entire concept from the logo, themed “Fandom” cocktails, to hosting unique fandom events. These events are often filled to maximum capacity resulting in numerous write-ups, video segments and news pieces showcasing the bar. MFB has become the destination for all pop-culture fans and enthusiasts alike. From this success, Alex’s vision has continued to evolve into the Fandom Hotel. As the visionary and leader of the organization, he will be directing management to execute on the overall mission of the enterprise. He will also oversee the marketing efforts of the enterprise, as well as the media channel, its contents and revenue models.

Rosina Rothman

Rosina is a branding and marketing maven with over 20 years of experience in various sectors. She turned ideas into national retail brands, revamped existing brands, designed new brands, created ad campaigns, hosted and managed large scale events, trade show booths, advertising materials, press kits, packaging materials and presentations. Rosina’s signature is writing creative copy, web content and full social media campaigns.

Deanna LoRusso

Deanna is a seasoned Regional Director with over 30 years of experience in providing multi-site and hotel & resort operational management. Her deep knowledge of hotel operations along with an extensive experience in all aspects of management, recruiting, L&D training programs, and developing high-performance teams is unparalleled.

Deanna has a track record of continually exceeding expectations at all levels of the organization by creating valuable partnerships with stakeholders, customers, venders and team members.

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